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About VioPac Heavy Industries

VioPac started life offline, back in the dark ages of 1995. Back then it was called the Violent Pacification Corporation, taking it's name from a song by D.R.I.. It lived primarily in the notebooks and comic strips of its creator, who called himself "Most Holy" at the time. It was a satirical kind of EvilCorp[tm] back then, offering "total control solutions" to the next generation of world conquerors and bloodthirsty dictators. Kind of like the State Department, but better dressed.

Today, VioPac Heavy Industries still concerns itself with totalitarianism and the abuses of the State, but more directly. We had to stop writing satire because the absurd has become the norm. We oppose that norm, and encourage you to do the same.

The site is still run by the cantankerous anarchist who is known on stage and screen as Jarvis Morse-Loyola. Over the years we've had many contributions from equally ornery people, some of whom still help out around the place.


Hah! You have none.

Yes, this means that anything you send us belongs to us. If it's clever we'll credit you, praise you, maybe even get you laid. If it sucks, we'll ignore you. If it's stupid, we'll mock you. If it's French, we'll report you.

(Unfortunately, it would appear that the French clause is actually necessary. I don't know why. Fucking weirdos.)


The VioPac Profit Pyramid details our aggressive funding acquisition architecture, implementing cutting-edge Spectre of CommunismTM, technology to absorb profit directly from USofA, Inc. (d.b.a. The TaxpayersTM) and, coupled with dynamic synergies with VioPac ZOG and NWO IRL 3.0 properties, seamlessly inject it directly into VioPac coffers.

.::Profit Pyramid::.

You can facilitate the migration of profit from our competitors (especially USoA, Inc.) and to its rightful place in our treasury by throwing some bitcoin at our Bitcoin address:


It is completely anonymous to do so, but if you'd like to be recognized we would be happy to publish your name, organization, revolutionary agenda, and/or favorite Teletubby here.

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