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We are anarchists. Yes, you read that right. This site advances anarchism as both an ethical philosophy and a political system. That is to say that we encourage free interactions between people and groups of people on the basis of value, not need or force. We believe in a fair exchange of value for value, as opposed to compulsion, tyrrany, theft and censorship. If you take nothing else away from your time here, remember this: Government is force. Anarchism opposes force.

When I tell people that I am an anarchist, I typically get one of three reactions. Most often, people will laugh. "Hah," they'll chortle, "that's funny! Now really, what are you?" Sometimes, it will make people uncomforable, as if "bomb-throwing" is the implied adjective. Lastly, for some bizarre reason we get a lot of email from French people who are still hung up on such dated, terrible ideas like "propaganda of the deed" and the Anarchist cookbook. See that bit in bold up above? I'll say it again: Anarchism opposes force. Bombings, assassinations, and riots can not be anarchist acts because they rely on fear, terror, and force to accomplish their goals: the very tools of the State. We'd like to encourage our French brethren and their compatriots to leave such murderous and maniacal despotism to the professionals.

As an ethical philosophy one might call anarchism by a different name, one that is also likely to generate strong reactions in people: capitalism. Simply stated, capitalism is the idea that value exists, is measurable, and transferable; that the only morally defensible system of exchange is based in this, e.g. the fair trade of value for value; and that the only fair governor of what that value is is the free market.

As anarchists, or as capitalists, we believe in free trade. Like Free Software, we mean "free" in the sense of liberty ("free as in speech", not "free as in beer"). Free trade cannot exist when one, both, or all of the parties involved are compelled to participate. Thus, an economy backed by mandatory taxation cannot be free any more than a mine excavated by slaves can be. Taxation is theft at gunpoint. Don't believe me? Try not paying 'em some time. Eventually, men with guns will visit you and, if you continue resisting them, kill you.

Thus, we at VioPac hope to offer a vision of anarchism divorced from the media rhetoric. We provide a forum for discussion, ranting, and snide commentary on the latest pop culture trends, some mailing lists of various utility, interest and secrecy, assorted sarcastic commentaries on whatever we feel like at the time, and a suitably random remainder we haven't been able to solve for yet.

-- J. Morse Loyola

It's like we're an actor in search of an identity. Things are changing around here soon, though not in any fundamental way. This site just needs to be more useful, is all.


This section has moved to the Rant-O-Matic Forum. Check it out, create an account, and let's get the RoM back in business.

VioPac Fora

If there's interest, I'll upload the open letters there.


"[A] person who lacks faith is one who denies all validity to those rational ideas [of God and immortality of the soul] because there is no theoretical foundation for their reality. Hence such a person judges dogmatically. A person's dogmatic lack of faith is incompatible with his having a moral maxim prevail in his way of thinking."

Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Judgement


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Obedience brings victory


You haven't been to Mesa Book Gallery lately, have you? For shame. They've got a sale on.

It is often worthwhile to suffer the proximity of hippies at Bookmans. Most of them bathe with some regularity and now that they got rid of their Café you're much less likely to choke on their vile coffee.

We routinely harass the waitstaff at Il Vinaio on Main St. They serve a damn good breakfast and throw a classy, fun and often jazz-powered dinner. Ask for the Hugh Jass Burger off the secret menu, it's well worth it.

Road Trip Bikers is a trip. On a road. For bikers.

The best coffee on Main St. can be had at Gotham City Comics ("it's a graphic novel!"). They even have comics and card games, and once they find someone who can alphabetize properly I'll be able to tell you more about them.

Looking for a lower receiver for your AR-15 here in the Valley? Try Quentin Defense in Gilbert or Sun Devil Manufacturing here in Mesa.

The best hamburger in the city of Mesa can be had at Giant Hamburgers, on Lindsay and Broadway. Staffed by hard working and cheerful people, it's also a great place to read.

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Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.