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Your health and sanity
in the Age of Treason
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Freedom. Liberty. The ability to act with impunity, without license or censure, so long as we don't assail that same right in others. This is the founding principle of Anarchism, or what we'll call Moral Capitalism.

We at VioPac advocate pure Capitalism as the only fair, merciful and just ethical system Man can devise. We demand that life has value and is worth defending. We retain the right to trade how and with whomever we will. We tend to have lots of guns, food, and medical supplies on hand, and are quick to volunteer assistance to whomever we can--but we will not be compelled to do so. Strong crypto, free software, good humor, and overwhelming firepower are the hallmarks of the modern Capitalist. Welcome aboard.

.:: Force is force ::.
Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

2016 Election Special
Current endorsement: Donald Trump will fix it
(or we will fix Donald Trump)

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.:: TED CRUZ ::. .:: DONALD TRUMP ::.

And let's not forget these clowns:



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If there's interest, I'll upload the open letters there.



"The highest duty is to respect authority."

Pope Leo XIII, Libertas Praestantissimum


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Obedience brings victory


There's a secret arcade in Mesa called Starfighers Arcade. They have Defender and BurgerTime and lots of awesome pinball.

You haven't been to Mesa Book Gallery lately, have you? For shame. They've got a sale on.

It is often worthwhile to suffer the proximity of hippies at Bookmans. Most of them bathe with some regularity and now that they got rid of their Café you're much less likely to choke on their vile coffee.

We routinely harass the waitstaff at Il Vinaio on Main St. They serve a damn good breakfast and throw a classy, fun and often jazz-powered dinner. Ask for the Hugh Jass Burger off the secret menu, it's well worth it.

Road Trip Bikers is a trip. On a road. For bikers.

The best coffee on Main St. can be had at Gotham City Comics ("it's a graphic novel!"). They even have comics and card games, and once they find someone who can alphabetize properly I'll be able to tell you more about them.

Looking for a lower receiver for your AR-15 here in the Valley? Try Quentin Defense in Gilbert or Sun Devil Manufacturing here in Mesa.

The best hamburger in the city of Mesa can be had at Giant Hamburgers, on Lindsay and Broadway. Staffed by hard working and cheerful people, it's also a great place to read.