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Ait-PlanetLar reprints Space Beaver
Publisher Larry Young (Astronauts In Trouble) has done the world a good deed by reprinting all 11 issues of Space Beaver, along with a new 24-page chapter concluding the cliffhanger ending from over ten years ago. Volume 1 (ISBN: 0-967684-6-5) reprints issues 1-6 and features an introduction for Planetary/Authority/Transmetropolitan writer Warren Ellis. It was published in December 2000. Volume 2 (ISBN: 0-967684-9-X) was released in March with an introduction by Preacher's Garth Ennis; it reprints issues 7-11 and the long awaited aforementioned conclusion. You can get both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for $12.95 from Amazon.com, as well as Ait-Planetlar, and of course your local comic book store. What the hell, this is my page: order it from G-Mart.

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