Darick Robertson: The man. The Myth. The Beaver In Space.

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Beave didn't pay the bills, but working at Pizza Hut until SB#5 and Citibank as bill collector did. Then he got real money working elsewhere, namely Marvel & DC comics. Really. What else? Lessee, he's married, so sorry ladies. And he moved to New York. Um, and he draws comic books.

Interviews (& more?) with D. W. Robertson...
These aren't in any chronological order, some more recent than others, you get the idea. Very insightful stuff. Read on, macduff...
* Mr. Robertson's Neighborhood from Kaos 2000.
* A Transmet interview in Escape Velocity.
* Living In The City of... in Pop Image.
* Space Beavers And Three-Headed Cats in Sequential Tart, a fine ezine.
* Robertson' an Eager Beaver from cninsider. A press release-y thing for the SB reprints.
* Review of Transmet in Spank The Monkey, this obviously isn't an interview. But what the hell, they included a link to my page. I'm happy.
* The Word Balloon has links to several interviews with Robertson, as well as many other artists.
* True Facts #8: Be The Bunny by Larry Young, publisher of the new Space Beaver volumes. An essay on Darick's wedding.
* Darick on PoImage.

Darick was kind enough to email me a list of the comics he's worked on, plus a few comments, Several years ago, I came across a book that listed who-did-what in comics under each artist's name, and it was rather comprehensive. So I added those in here too.

Child's Play 2 the movie adaptation #1-3, Innovation comics.
There's a Trade paperback of this floating around out there somewhere.
Maze Agency #17 Innovation Comics
Justice League Quaterly #4, First official mainstream work.
Look for the kid in the Space Beaver T-Shirt in one of the crowd scenes.
Justice League America Annual #7(?)I think it's #7. Look for my name on the cover.
Flash TV Special #1 (and only)
Knock off of the TV show, that actually came out after the show was cancelled. Smart Marketing! Look for the amusement park scene and you'll see I snuck Beave in as a big costumed character greeting kids.
Justice League Europe #'s26-35. One of these books has a kid with a Space Beaver toy in his hand as he runs around. I may have done the T-shirt thing here too. 26 accidentally has Bart Sears name on the cover, but I did it.
Wolverine #54, 57&58&59.
Man, I wish I could get on that book again!
X-Factor Annual #7 (?) again I'm unsure.
Joe Quesada does the lead story and the cover. I did a back up that also features Joe Madiuera of X-Men fame in an early work.
Cable #5
Excalibur #72
New Warriors 26-50 (with the exception of issues 35, 36, 44, 47&48)
New Warriors Annual 3&4 and Marvel X-Mas Special from that year.
Art Adams cover, warriors on the cover in Santa's bag, as well as the rest of the featured Marvel characters.
Nightman #1 MALIBU Comics
Solution 1-4
Ripfire #0 (UV premeire, on the back of Rune #3)
Prime 13&14
Ultraforce 5,6&7 (second series)
Spider-man: Power of Terror 1-4
Spectacular Spider-Man Super special #1
Final Adventure 1-4
Amazing Spiderman 405
Green Goblin #8
Punisher #14
Justice League:Midsummer's Nightmare 1-3
Spider man team up #5

 you can also find his work here:
Miracleman: Apocrypha #3 on Eclipse
Morbius #25 (marvel)
Apache Dick #4 on Eternity. Came out in 1990.
Action Comics Annual #7
Marvel Super Heroes Megazine #1
Marvel Swimsuit Special #4
Maze Agency Annual #1 he just inked it.
Exiles #1 on Malibu...cover art
Gravestone #2 on Malibu...he did the cover
Hardcase #25 on Mailibu...again just the cover!
Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis #1 on Malibu
Prototype #0...on Malibu...cover again!
Wonderman Annual #1
Ultraverse Premiere #1 &2 He wrote & drew them...on Malibu
Ultraverse Year Zero: The Death Of The Squad #1 & Ultraverse Year Two #1...he did the covers or special portfolio artwork for both.
Justice League America Annual #5
Incredible Hulk #424
Tommy And The Monsters #1 on New Comics Group. Came out in 1989. Man Of The Atom on Acclaim.
Thunderbolts 97 Annual pages 19-23.
Marvel Team-Up #3 Spider-Man & The Sandman team up with a guy who looks a LOT like Space Ghost. Really.
Generation X #53.
Deadpool #s 50, 51 Very funny comic, Darick did the covers too.
Fury #1-6 With Garth Ennis.
X-Men Unlimited #38
Spider-Man Sweet Charity one shot starring Jay Leno, Sam Simon, Jennifer Tilly & more!
Punisher 15-17

If I missed anything, tell me.


60 issues with several trades out. BUY IT!

Darick also plays guitar and sings. Sings what, I don't know, but he does it anyway.