So who IS Space Beaver anyway? And why is he fightin' a space? Here's a breakdown on who's who and why.

Space Beaver|Tog|Rodent|Stinger|Jackie|Lord Pork|Commander Foxx|Sgt. Hobbes

Most of this info is explained in the flashbacks pertaining ...

Space Beaver

Well armed, slightly alcoholic, definitely trigger happy, Space Beaver is the shit. After his best friend, Mikey, is killed by drug dealers, Phineas T. Badger decides to use some of his extremely wealthy dad's spare cash that was lying around the house to get himself a few guns and take out a few dealers here and there. He teamed up with Tog (Mikey's dad) and together they caused a lot of pain amongst such dealers, getting info on sources and just maiming them for the hell of it. After a while, Beave needed beer, so they began to relax at a bar called Max's, where Jackie worked. Beave & Jackie developed a love that I guess only beavers & rabbits could feel (hey, I didn't write it) and everything was good and happy. Then Beave decided to take Jackie out on a drug raid (is this what the dating scene was like during the Reagan years?), and he was hit & knocked over, causing Jackie to fall off a cliff. After that Beave got really angry and just started kickin' ass...


Tog was a gardener for Beave's dad & apparently fought some war. When his son started taking drugs, his wife (Maria) found out about it right away and decided to see where Mikey was getting it all from...she was captured and killed on the spot, and so was Mikey. This pissed Tog off and decided to let Beave lead him on an all out drug war. Nowadays he lets Beave do most of the killing and serves as sort of a father figure for Beave & Rodent. He's definitely the smartest of the three...


After running away at the age of 10, Josua Rat roams the streets as a punk and has a lot of fun doing just that. However, once his closest friends die (one from a drunk driving accident, another from a drug overdose), Rodent decides to get out of his rut and begins working at a comedy club, cleaning dishes and listening to really bad comedians. However, Rodent also has to deal with drug dealers selling their crap in the back of the club, and is inspired to do something about it after he watches Beave & Tog make a mess of the place while cleaning the dealer out.


His story was never explained, but he is a bad-ass. Stinger is a mercenary introduced in the 3rd issue in a bar fight at Max's, which Beave interrupts and saves Stinger's life. Of course, later Stinger is hired by Pork to kill Beave...


Beave's former girlfriend, Max's former waitress, Lord Pork's current personal servant. After disappearing off the face of Anutherurth after that drug raid with Beave, Jackie turns up a mindwashed slave working for Lord Pork, willing to kill Beave if she has to. Of course, after a few issues and beatings from Lord Pork, she starts redeveloping that mind of her own and has second doubts about hanging out with Pork and asks Stinger to get her out of her situation and maybe back to Beave.

Lord Pork

Beave's arch-nemesis: if a beaver had to fight what animal, what would it be? A pig, of course! They're natural enemies in the wild. Anyways, Lord Pork developed a drug called Optimum, which became very profitable, profitable enough to fund his own army of wolves. He also likes to piss Beave off by stealing his girlfriend and hiring lots of people to kill him. Of course this doesn't always work as Pork is usually surrounded by a very inept staff.

Commander Foxx

Lord Pork's right hand man who really can't stand Space Beaver. He loses a LOT of men whenever he fights Beave.

Sgt. Hobbes

Commander Foxx's right hand man, I guess. He smokes a lot of cigars and apparently was friends with Stinger at one time (see info on issue 10). That's about all he does, I think he also annoys Foxx & Pork a lot as well.