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COC writing new music for a release for hopefully this year.


Candelight Records will be re-releasing Eye For An Eye on vinyl and CD in November!


Video for Feed On from Megalodon.

My collector fan effort thing.

No one is asking but, hi. I'm Paul. COC news is happening so fast these days that I can't keep up. I've been involved with my own semi-artistic pursuits over the last decade and though I've been hoping for this much activity for COC in that time, holy cow did I not realize how much they'd be doing, and how far I'd fall behind in my obsession.

The guys have been super nice, by the way. I feel like I should be shoving a busload of fans into my car when they come through but that hasn't happened. I wish I could do more. I'm going to keep posting news n whatnot. I might create a tumblr account for stuff I find on the web or for things y'all inform me about. Not sure just yet.

But I still haven't posted anything about the self titled album, nor about the free (!) EP that just came out. Jeez louise, Brian Walsby drew some stuff for me and my "pics" page is still EMPTY. EMPTY. They have their own page and it gets updated quickly, and you just click on the "Official COC" at the top there, okay? But then, why do I have this page? WHY? Why keep it going? The tabs have been stolen or just completely ignored and redone by others on other sites. The bio? WHo knows how accurate that is (I try to the best of my ability, yo). I have my own artistic things to maintain.

So, what should i do? Not sure just yet. If I make this into a fan commenary site, or if I move it to a tumblr or whatever and just have it as a "here's what I found" fan blog, maybe I won't feel bad about closing this up.

Whatever, thank you for the help and the support and hi-fives and being a fellow fan, which is just what I am. The last three years or so have been a lot of fun as a fan, and they don't show signs of slowing down. I have to take a cue from this and apply it to my own stuff.

You can reach me at kingvermin at gmail. Woody & Mike on Vanlient Thorr's podcast!

Here's the video for The Moneychangers!

Here's the video for Psychic Vampire!

Manchild 5: Rabid Pack With Sirens Howling is the new book by Brian Walsby all about Corrosion Of Conformity and their role in creating the punk and hardcore scene in Raleigh in the early 80's. Check it out!

Please visit their official site.