All about the band. Releases, including singles & videos Go see them live. The whole reason you're visiting this site. The pictures...RETURN! Like Rhoda, but for COC. Other places to go, I guess. All the cool people who helped me out. The OFFICIAL COC site

COC's Official Site. What more do you really need?

Hey, they're on FACEBOOK. You should like them.

I took down most of the links. Most of them expired.

I haven't been as obsessive as I used to be. The band is doing a great job of maintaining their site re: news, tourdates, stuff like that, and you're probably going to go there, and not here, for that info. I'm a little behind the times as I've been wrapped up with my own projects for the last five years. To see what I'm up to, here's some stuff about me:
My blogspot.
My band (Hired Goons

Brian Walsby dot net. Brian played drums on the Snake Nation album and also released several books of his comics called Manchild, the 5th of which is all about COC and the Raleign scene they helped create.

The Onion America's Finest Newsource.
Fuzz Recording Studio and a Cool BLS site all run by the Deege.