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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you people serious?!
Yes. Especially about the baby-eating.

2. I wna use ur pix cn i kthxbai
You'll have heard this before, you knuckledragging 4channer: go die in a fire. No.

3. I would like to use some of your graphics for a project of mine. May I?
Sure! All we ask is that you let us know and give us credit.

4. Search is broken.
So are you.

5. What does all this Latin stuff mean?
It means there was something lacking in your education. These are some we get asked about a lot:

Fortuna non omnibus Æquae: Fortune is not the same for all.

Fiat Iustitia et ruat cælum: Let justice be done even though the heavens fall.

Ultima ratio regam: The final argument of Queens.

Nunc scio tenebris lux: Now I know that darkness comes from light.

Ubi est mea aniticula cuminosa?: Where is my rubber ducky?

6. We're anarchists too! Wanna blow stuff up with us? Where can I find plans for a bomb? Can you make me a blue box? &c.
You would be surprised how often we get asked this. No, if you think killing random (or specific) people is what anarchism is about, you've clearly lost the plot. We champion individual liberty, achievement and responsibility. Muslim terrorists and communists champion an abstraction over all of these and as such place little or no value on individual human life.

And since we as Capitalists value achievement and responsibility, you can very damn well figure out how to muck about in telephone switches your damn self, you simpleminded noob.

7. Do you have any relation to LulzSec, Anonymous, or any of the Occupy movements?
No, none to speak of. We find them to be a bit immature in general, and think anyone who takes Whine About The Machine that seriously has some serious living to do. The Anonymous idea is awesome and we enjoy watching them, but there seem to be a lot of socialists who identify as Anonymous and VioPac is much cooler than they are.

Also, the motto "we do not forgive, we do not forget" is philosphically unsound, and not something we care to associate with.

Whoever runs their twitter feed could be less of a messianic huckster too. At least the logical inconsistencies coming out of LulzSec were amusing.

As far as the Occuponces are concerned, well, given our druthers we'd just as soon wash and shave the lot of 'em. They're all agitation without any set agenda or goal; in effect they're a 16-year-old kid who's just gone storming off into her room to blast goth rock and fume about how unfair it is that she can't have a pony.